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The Carl Vinson Institute of Government's Office of Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS) is a leader in GIS innovation and is part of the University of Georgia.

Originally created to modernize Georgia's legislative redistricting process, Information Technology Outreach Services (ITOS) serves enterprises in the governmental, nonprofit, and service delivery sectors. From the outset, ITOS has been a leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and associated technologies. The funding for ITOS to conduct this work is provided by the US Agency for International Development / Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.

In order to improve the quality of COD-ABS (Common Operational Dataset Administrative Boundaries), OCHA FIS has partnered with ITOS to support OCHA country and regional offices with the processing and formatting.  This processes is guided by the OCHA Information Management Officer; ITOS will not make any changes (attribute or spatial) without consent from the IMO responsible for CODs. In addition, ITOS will help process COD-Populated Places upon request. 

ITOS also provides the added value of creating web services (feature and map services) for the COD-ABs. The schema for live services was originally designed to be consistent with HXL, while the schema for CODs delivered as shapefiles adheres to the restriction that shapefile attribution fields are limited to 10 characters or less.

The scope of ITOS services is outlined in the following document: SOP - COD Processing Services Scope between ITOS and OCHA. See the ITOS process page for some of the details of  this process.

OCHA is committed to processing COD-ABs in the countries in columns (A+ and A) in focus Core COD countries

Current Status of COD Services

COD Services Status as of March 2017

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