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CHANGE is happening (in your forest, but it may not be what you have been told [and not what we have described either]2/4/18). See the Background page file list for The Modified Stewardship Issues discussion.

There may be much more to come from this trend. Your forest is part of (and is affected by) this change.

Your choices may influence what part, if any, it may play in a global proactive effort to mitigate this course of events.

We can make choices that facilitate maintenance of forests that are capable of surviving.

A Planetary Code of Conduct seems to be missing? Do you have ideas of what should be included? Your ideas are welcome - send notes via the Contact Page.

If this is confusing to you, please go to Common Good Dialog, and leave a comment so we can open up this discussion or sign in! The Background page is a good place to start.

This statement is packed in many layers. A good place to start to gain insight into what is driving the terrestrial component of the current situation is Paul Hellyer's book, "The Money Mafia - A World in Crisis" and his March 18, 2015 video. 

The other side of things consists of those coming from outside that we may simply have to react to and plan for? See Suspicious Observers and Space Weather News,, for regular updates to

All forests are natural carbon (CO2) uptake and temporary carbon storage vehicles (unless they are dying).

This normal, long term, but temporary function is being changed to a dysfunctional carbon POSITIVE and unstable part of our global environment!

This can be changed, but only with local regular activity.

See our Current Energy Position Paper - Forest Health: A State of Emergency to learn more.

 ALL forests are part of the global COMMON GOOD.


TO THE FAMILY AND MEMORY OF THOMAS RAMSDELL - A dedicated logger and excellent forestry technician.

On or about July 24, 2013 Tom passed on in the Town of Royalston, MA after a very pain-filled fight to keep working in forests that he loved. He is missed by all who knew him. Last year he helped establish an extensive set of tests of a variety of treatments on the property shown in the picture of tree #112 to the right. There is much more to do and his memory will be with all who worked with him to establish this experiment.

There are no other such sites within the state of MA on land that is a natural forest!

 Tree 112 - upper picture - lower stem form, lower picture - many new branches that formed after an ice storm broke the top. Many other trees were not able to respond as well. Repeated damage will cause damage that can not be seen from the outside and will render the trees vulnerable to infection or predation by outside sources.


Any living organism requires conditions that enable the continued functioning of essential facets of their being. Factors that limit this function must be corrected in an appropriate time and manner or life will cease. The broad term life support covers all of these factors. The special case below is but an example of the depth of intervention that may be needed to keep a single individual human alive. We as global citizens are approaching a time when extreme measures similar to those described may be needed to maintain the function of beings that can not survive if current conditions are significantly modified. Our choices to ignore the maintenance of the climate control system that we all inherited are already beginning this process of systemic change. The Earth will be fine but life as we know it will not be possible if this situation is allowed to continue for much longer. If the change occurs as fast as it now appears to be happening the kinds of life support described below will also be impossible to render because there will be no care givers. [1]

 May 19, 2013

IT is time to act - one property at a time in a coordinated and 

effective way!  Please go to the above link for the only solution that we have been able to devise to address the impending destruction of 

"life as we know it".

April 15, 2013 No One is Listening:

As we lose Arctic sea ice we will face climatic instability that will remove forests everywhere possibly [most likely] within our elder's life time. If you own forests now is your only chance to act proactively.  We are running out of time and doing nothing.


BUT we are in a "shortage / mining / growth" economic system that has no place for such a 
concept and we are ignoring the only opportunity we will get to preserve "Life as We Know it".  This condition is completely unnecessary but for the dependence of our currency creation system on a fraudulent debt basis for currency and a struggle for status based on a numbers casino style game that ensures that those with assets will have more while everyone else is left behind.

The following paragraph advocates that the way growth occurs within a forest community could 
form the basis for sustainable human economic policy:

A Management Position Statement for Owners of Forest Land:

This section contains basic statements that  constrain all forests. It is vital that you understand how these realities conflict with what you have been taught and how they limit what is possible on your forest.

We all should recognize that we live in a constrained world – each one of us permanently stops growing in height early in life. Understanding of the need for constraints has not entered the space of business planning and is the cause of many of the crises now facing us all. Two special constraints affect forest owners:

I. Economic Reality: A major source of human caused problems is the current financial planning model used by all facets of society. This analysis model is an exponential function, [FV=PV*(1+interest rate)exp n].  This formula suggests that any successful business should use unconstrained growth as the basis for financial planning. There is no natural system other than cancer that does not conform to some form of growth constraints. All trees and tree communities come equipped with very powerful growth restraints. Forest management can lift these constraints somewhat, but nature returns the forest community to a growth path that is appropriate to the site. We need to form a new paradigm for discussing how to evaluate success within possible forest opportunities.

II. Climatic Reality: Forest communities have strong connections to local and global climate regimes. Forest management will require acute awareness of climatic stressors. Strong storms (winds over 70 mph) have a high probability of inflicting heavy damage to trees over 40' tall. NOAA has shown a recent increase in storm intensity – the recent storms in the NE USA have carried a lot of water but not had much wind. Increasing Arctic temperatures will destabilize weather patterns and release unpredictable climatic tipping points. There are few other human activities with the social connections, the vulnerability to human caused damage, and pivotal need to understand the urgency for slowing or stopping this process. It is not appropriate to plan as if this were not happening. Forest residues offer a well understood potentially carbon negative energy source when coupled with local combined heat and power production and char recovery. Each forest owner must become involved in learning more about this process and promoting it as an economic engine for very local use by rural communities.

A few notes:

0) Infinity is unknowable by definition
1) In a finite world when someone attempts to have infinite wealth everyone else can have nothing!

2) In a finite world if even one person attempts to obtain infinite wealth at some point, as measured in doublings of their asset base, they will have acquired more asset holdings than can be contained within the volume of the earth.  This point of obscene greed is somewhere well below 64 doublings.  We now have many large entities that have been in existence for enough time to have experienced more than 20 doublings of their asset holdings.

3) There may be an infinite component to humanity, but it cannot be fully expressed on our finite earth.  Those who try to realize any physical component of the infinite as an earth resident are going to take unfair advantage of the finite resources on the earth and will deny essential experiences of earthly existence to all other humans and all species who also dwell on earth.

4) There is no obvious facet of human individuality that clearly designates why or how some individual should be more entitled to significantly more of the earth's resources than any other.  The only way this condition has been sorted out in the past involves some form of merit or position of power.  Recognition of why one should be given more resources comes from demonstrations of capability.  This capability comes from the combination of intrinsic gifts and experience.

5) Experience is developed by testing knowledge.  When one is at the edge of what they know they only learn by taking steps beyond where answers are sure - they must make mistakes.  If mistakes are not occasionally made the boundaries of knowledge are unclear - they many have been incredibly lucky and guessed correctly, but there is no guarantee that the next guess is going to be correct.  So making projections and observing the outcomes and honestly reporting the differences between the prediction and the observed result are all part of learning.  Testing requires proactivity and the ability to recover from failure.  The economic constraints imposed today by the global currency controls have severely limited proactivity.

6) The current situation of humanity on earth has many components that limit the willingness of ourselves and others to continue testing where we are:
a) We like (to some degree) where we have been or are now and may not wish to contemplate the changes that may be before us.
b) Those who have been lucky, ruthless or astute enough to get to the position of having doubled their assets more than 15 times are even more reluctant to lose the privilege they now enjoy.
c) It appears that there may be situations developing that we cannot model well enough to make accurate time based predictions about future outcomes.  So we are living within an experiment for which there is no precedent or control.  The only possible analog may be found by looking for past geologic periods where similar conditions prevailed.  The outcomes from such analyses are difficult to understand and hard to communicate to a disinterested or unmotivated public.

7) Expectations drive Practice!  If we are concerned with the conditions described above it is essential that we bring expectations of leaders and youth to a position that reflects the potential of our finite world.  The place to start is the basis for acceptable practice.  Much of this will be place dependent at the small scale.  Large scale endeavors must be constrained so that they cannot have affects beyond the region of origin.

8) Environmental and climatic conditions now require very local solutions everywhere.  Those who are close to problems are likely to be better able to understand what is working and appraise outcomes.  It is important to enable local proactivity.


Observations: "modern" economics / economists

Why are upper level bankers dying? See Karen Hudes's, World Bank Lawyer,  remarks about the current state of affairs 140216.

When you base anything on a false or unstable foundation, as modern neocons do, you get an unstable structure.

Dr. Joseph Stiglitz still believes that there is no problem with the compound interest calculation function being the basis for investor confidence.

There is no reality in assuming that even one person can accumulate an infinite amount of anything - including money.

I offer to take anyone on a walk through any forest anywhere and show them that every tree can and does go through a short period of exponential growth and an extended period of either very slow or no accumulation of tree type capital. There are some trees that recover the ability to grow rapidly again but it is always strictly controlled and there are no net exports from the site except for outside influences. The effect of any extended application of a compound interest based expectation by anyone is the development of a mining mentality. When the mine is empty there is a big hole in the ground and a proactive self-centered investor goes away to find the next mine. This is what is happening where ever the austerity model is imposed.

We need to understand that without life there is no value and that we must all (ALL, with no exceptions) work within the range of activity that maintains the life support system and avoid a mining mentality. If anyone must accumulate assets in excess of maintaining their own life they must expect to have it removed as such pools of liquidity will become the source of inflation. INFRASTRUCTURE development and maintenance is a proper area for creation and injection of all currency as a matter of normal practice. This maintenance will allow all to be employed at the things that they are best at and provide the capital for the operation for the short term economy in a normal banking manner.  Alan Page, April 29, 2012

Before doing anything else download James Hansen's new paper from his website or from our CGF site. (Go to the bottom of the Details of Our Climate Crisis page and look for "The Case for Young People" dated May 5, 2011 OR THE MOST RECENT STATEMENT THAT CLIMATE CHANGE IS HERE AND IT IS HOT! - August 6, 2012.)
When you have time, USE THE MENU AT THE LEFT TO PROBE THESE IDEAS.  Currency creation is discussed in the COINAGE paper by Fullwiler, This paper should change everything.  The "Essential Tenets" paper shows how to do it, but it will take leadership, a scarce commodity in the 21st century. 
Find recent changes below:
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See the GDS Critique of BMPs 1307 in the files attached to the OPEN LETTERS page.


Discussions here will attempt to describe the linkages between the various dysfunctional parts of our current system and provide a way to understand those things that need to change in order to maintain the forest portion of our common good.
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