History of Past Activity:

1) The Octobe 10, 2010 Global 350.org Work Day effort:
350.org Global Workday - 24hr Global Climate Crisis Webinar
For background about the 350.org 10/10/10 Workday click HERE, or IBI Biochar 10-10-10 Campaign page for details of the International Biochar Initiative ideas for 10/10/10.

The Common Good Forestry response to the 10/10/10 Workday is to provide an opportunity for as many participants as possible to engage in constructive dialog with experts and informed practitioners to both become better informed and to develop more helpful materials for use throughout the year to carry on this mission.

This page will organize the discussion topics for the 350.org 24hr Global Climate Crisis WEBINAR to be held from 12:59PM EST October 9, 2010 until 12:59PM October 10, 2010.

Please use the COMMENTS below to begin discussions or send emails to: stepitupbelchertown@verizon.net
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Things are coming together
On September 8, 2010 from 10AM EST to 11AM we are going to do our first test of a variety of webinar hosts.  The goal during that time is to just try out the various offers and see which works best.  Those who wish can also begin to add content to a this site as a test of how this might be used during the next several months and particularly on 10/10/10.  See the file storage page which is available to all for uploading information.

On September 15, 2010 during the 10-11 AM period we will be performing a test of the chosen system(s) for a particular kind of webinar.

1) Depending on the agreement obtained from participating experts and support personnel we will offer the following:
(NOTE: This is a Creative Commons Site so anything put up is open source and can be used with the stipulation of attribution to the original source and a willingness to add vital information to that provided as it becomes available.)

One or more webinars will be offered.  Each webinar will have a particular focus that may (will) reoccur throughout the day depending on the personnel.  The schedule will be posted here (and elsewhere) as the positions are accepted.  If you have a particular interest and would like to be included in a particular time slot and or particular subject send an email or leave a comment.

The possibility exists for this global system to be setup so that any 350.org group could sign in during their session hours and select from areas that are important to them.  So it is conceivable that a given set of topics might need to be offered eight different times???  Those who either present a topic or answer questions should be able to do so in a time slot of their choosing.  We expect that they will be able to do so from home on their own computers or from more central sites with more sophisticated support systems.  We will refine this set of opportunities and procedures before Sept. 30, 2010.

2) A valuable learning tool is the use of the wiki system to build information transfer systems that relate to the capabilities of many different kinds of learning styles.  We expect to be able to offer a "temporary" wiki for development of a variety of relevant topics and particular information transfer systems using the interactions that can happen during the next several months.  The goal will be to eventually transfer the final product of each section to the permanent wikipedia site.  So along the way the developments will be backed-up and reviewed for accuracy by those with "certified" expertise.  The areas of disagreement will be preserved so that there is the possibility of reviewing the discussions that went into the version presented as the final product.

It is important that we get participation from both those who are familiar with a subject and those who would like to know more but are confused by the vocabulary or do not know where to find the information or who have other difficulties with the subject.  The hope is that we can integrate these groups and provide a rapid resolution of some if not all of the apparent difficulties.

3) Particularly with regard to the need for common global action, it is hoped that we can generate on the wiki a model operational document for all levels of society to accept and use as an action plan to enable good environmental decisions with a minimum or outside influence or coercion.