Long Term Forest Ownership and Management

Long term forest ownership involves a time period longer than one rotation and hopefully extend to many rotations of forest growth.  A rotation as used here is that time period for one newly established forest stand (seedling population, plantation, etc.) to grow to the point where someone (or the climatic regime) feels that it is time to harvest it and start over.  As the climate crisis deepens and speeds up we can expect to see much more of the climatically restarted stands than was common in the more stable environment prior to human development of the high energy carbon based economy.

Long term forest management entails the regular investment of time, energy,equipment, money and study into particular parcels of property.  It does not mandate any particular outcome or level of investment, however, it is distinct from "normal short term speculation" because there is a much more consistent application of production related activity as opposed to just deciding when to sell something.