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Financial System Test

Note: On Aug. 5, 2010 it was learned that new legislation was passed that approved the study of the formation of a MA Public Bank.
To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to present the case for there being a major vacuum in the funding arena that has been designed into the fabric of our culture and recently into all developed cultures with the goal for all economies to function the same way eventually.  The paper, “Essential Tenets for Maintaining our Common Good” available at the link below,  begins with a short discussion of our common good and the crises of climate and resources that are quickly engulfing us.  It then sets out the basics for sound currency creation and sound decision making by all humans.  The lack of discussion that this has generated and the decision that a "public bank" is not necessary in MA has led me to set up a system test that is described below.  It would be interesting to share the responses I have gotten and listen to some of your strong players critique these activities. I provide a little background and then describe the test.  You can find more info at
Alan Page, Ph.D., Research Forester
I work with and in the environmental arena and it all comes down to who has the financial stamina to get through the hurdles put up to "preserve" our environment. Most sustainable thought has been wiped off the table by a concerted policy initiative described by Mark Ritchie, the current Sec. of State of MN, in his pamphlet, "The Loss of Family Farms- Inevitable Result or Conscious Policy”. He shows with references how the heads of industry and finance stripped the rural population of their power base after the middle 20th century. Most environmental effort today tries to work within the system while urbanizing most of the population. In my case as a result of reading Ellen Brown's book, “The Web of Debt”, I have realized that all long term thought has been crippled where there is no discretionary income to support the debt service required for investment.  The forests that I work on have been trapped behind the destroyed rural infrastructure.

My test of the system in MA consists of going to commercial banks and asking them to provide the funding for these long term very necessary investments. I point out that they have said that there is no need for a MA Public Bank so they must show that that is indeed the case.

My test is the purchase of ten thousand acres of working forest with a ten million dollar 40 yr loan with no debt service and a thirty million dollar line of credit to provide the investment base for the regular maintenance of these acres. Further, that wherever such forest might be accumulated, the local schools will be approached to determine whether there is any possibility of forming a team of high school students who would work through their school years on the properties while earning a regular wage and an undivided, but tradable (among the participants), equity interest in the property with the expectation that a portion of the student team will come to own the properties and continue the management.  There will be no real yield until the potential of the land is able to be realized as the new trees and liberated high potential trees reach maturity. Unlike corn they do not provide an annual cut and are not clear cut except in exceptional circumstances here in the NE. Care is expensive and provides local employment, but that seems to be completely foreign to these profiteers??
Alan Page