Our Common Good is Our Home

As of the end of 2020, things are changing in ways that few were privy to four years ago.

Discussions here will attempt to describe the linkages between the various dysfunctional parts of our current system and provide a way to understand those things that need to change in order to maintain the forest portion of our common good. 

It is with the utmost humility that I must admit that much of the alarmist rhetoric that has been posted here has flipped several times as various sources appeared to be more credible. 

My gift to all is the record of these changes and how they came about and what it appears that can be done about it. My Christmas Letter 2020 is one attempt to clear the air; it is saved in the files.


CHANGE is happening (in your forest, but it may not be what you have been told [and not what we have described either]). See the "An Old Home Site" for a record of what had been my impressions up until December, 2018, the Background page file list for The Modified Stewardship Issues discussion as it changes and the files listed in the Background page.

Of current interest the new page: A Plan for Appropriate Liquidity as of 2020 there will be periodic updates to this page with Notes added regarding special issues.

Common Good Blogs 

These blogs record material that may not have gotten posted to CGF yet. To leave a comment please sign in at the bottom of the page.

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