Common Good One Tree Table

Imagine What You Can Do?

This white oak table was made at home with a little help from a local wood worker. All parts came from one tree. The lumber was not kiln dried but is well restrained to keep it flat. A kit to make a table such as this can be provided in a number of different ways depending on the tools, experience and help you have available.

Options to choose from include:

Each offering below also involves the choice of species and grade of lumber. The price goes up depending on a number of factors such as the freedom of any defects, width and thickness of pieces and your ability to do the machining needed.

1) Least expensive - rough green lumber cut to specific lengths and thicknesses

2) Rough Kiln Dried Lumber cut to specific lengths and thicknesses

3) Lumber Skip Dressed to target thickness +1/16" cut to specific widths, lengths, & thickness

4) All Parts Precut and Sanded with all hardware needed for assembly.
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Attachment of legs requires lots of thought. This design requires am internal sub-deck to attach the legs to and support and restrain the top.
Build this kind of table from a kit sawn especially for you.