About Green Diamond Systems

Green Diamond Systems is a small MA forest management company that has operated as an experimental private forest consulting organization for almost 30 years. 

The financial dysfunction of the past several years has made it apparent that the proactive programs that were the keystone of Green Diamond Systems reason for existence were not viable in the current short term economy that is being promulgated globally.   There are many reasons for this conclusion, but the paramount issue is that there is never any cash flow from a forest managed for long term stability when associated with these proactive environmentally sensitive techniques.  

The current large forest owners justify their investments with a combination of cost limitation and eventual speculation.  This model externalizes as much of the cost of ownership as possible and minimizes the expenditures!  There is little room for proactive treatments and generally the production rates of such forests just barely cover the cost of land ownership (taxes, and periodic reviews of the property).  The investment then must be covered by appreciation in land value and eventual sale of the land to another entity.

As a result Green Diamond Systems has developed a series of sites that probe the connections of forestry and our collective 'Common Good'.  
These sites include:

Common Good Dialog - a google docs area for cooperative discussion of papers; open to all with the link.
Common Good Dialog - a blog devoted to timely discussion of a broad range of topics