Text Complexity

"The Common Core Standards hinge on students 
encountering appropriately complex texts at each
grade level in order to develop the mature language
skills and the conceptual knowledge they need for
success in school and life (p. 3)."

Resources on text complexity

 Resource Phase Description
Why Text Complexity MattersPhase 2: Professional Learning for Deeper UnderstandingA 10-page article highlighting the research behind the importance of using complex texts with students.
Text Complexity Instructional ModelsPhase 2: Professional Learning for Deeper UnderstandingAn instructional sequence for guiding students through a close reading of appropriately complex text.
Publisher's Criteria for the Common Core in ELA    Phase 2: Professional Learning for Deeper UnderstandingDocuments written by writers of the ELA standards to provide guidance on texts aligned to the Common Core.
Text Complexity PowerPoint    Phase 2: Professional Learning for Deeper UnderstandingIntroductory session to the Common Core for reading and text complex
Text Complexity Rubric: Informational Text