Reading Strategies for Content Teachers

These documents were developed to support middle and high school content teachers in supporting the Literacy Standards in Social Studies, Science, and Other Technical subjects

 Strategy Description
Analyze Structure             Supports students to use text features to connect with reading content.
Ask QuestionsEncourages students to create questions about the reading to develop a deeper understanding.
Decoding Vocabulary 1 and

Decoding Vocabulary 2

Helps students to better decode vocabulary to comprehend the meaning of sentences.
Determining Important IdeasEncourages students to focus on all aspects to the reading to determine the most important ideas and themes.
Exploring InferencesHelps students break the inference-making process into steps and allows them to support their thinking with evidence.
Make ConnectionsExtends the content learning of students by drawing upon prior knowledge to make connections between the text and themselves, other texts and the world.
Reread & AdjustHelps students to modify the pace and rhythm of reading and guides them to take take notes to clarify their understanding.
Summarize, Evaluate, & Synthesize

Encourages students to consider the main point of the reading by putting ideas into their own words.
VisualizeStrategy that includes visualizing the situation depicted in the reading and creating a representation of an abstract principle.