Common Cents Investing provides independent, common sense, main street based alternatives to Wall Street strategies for the retail investor with the objective of supporting the movement towards the socialization of the investor class.

For years investors have gone to financial professionals, done a risk assessment and developed an overall asset allocation.  This often looks like a pie chart of 40% US equities, 20% international equities, 25% bonds, 5% commodities, and 10% cash.   ( Just an example).     This type of advice is based a series of official studies, mathematical correlations and conventional wisdom. However, there are a few common sense issues with this advice including:
  • it has not worked well over the past decade or more.
  • the underlying assumptions about market volatility, correlations, transaction speed, globalization, etc seem to all have changed.
  • it is provided to you by the same industry that has been a driving force behind the tech bubble, housing crash and credit crisis in the past years.  
  • it is not how any major investor (i.e. pension fund, hedge fund, endowment, or investment bank) manages their assets.

So perhaps it is time to question the conventional wisdom, and use the power of the crowd to develop alternative ways to manage money that builds on the power of the investor class, facilitated by social networking,  to seek out commons sense approaches to manage your money.

Blog & Commentary

Theses sections contain daily blog post about specific actions taken in the market, and more general market Commentary about current market events and situations.

These sections are basically a mirror image of


CCI has defined a series of specific portfolios, each with a specific purpose within an investors asset allocation.  Each portfolio contains a group of equities and related options that attempt to meet the objective of the portfolio.  Current portfolios include

  • Global Country Basket (GCB) - An alternate blend of country ETFs
  • Options for Income (O4I) - Generating income via options
  • Behind the Clouds (BTC) - Technology Sector, hedge fund
  • Utility Dividend Capture (UDC) - Utility Sector, Income oriented
  • The Short Game (TSG) - Shorting market indexes
  • Sweet Swing Trades (SST) - Traditional Opportunistic Swing Trades

Detail information about each of these portfolios are contained on the related pages in the portfolio section of this site.