The Committee for Scholastic Action on Guns was formed by a group of concerned parents. It's our intention that no students--our own children included--attend college in a state where there are inadequate gun laws....either open-carry-on-campus policies, or an otherwise lack of meaningful restrictions on the purchase of automatic weapons. To that end we are contacting High School Newspaper Editors across the nation, and urging them to advise their fellow seniors NOT to attend college in what we call "the notorious nineteen": ARKANSAS, ALASKA, ARIZONA, ARKANSA, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, IDAHO, KANSAS, KENTUCKY, MISSISSIPPI, MISSOURI, MONTANA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NORTH DAKOTA, OKLAHOMA, TEXAS, UTAH, WEST VIRGINIA and WYOMING.

This list was not arrived at lightly. With the help of the Brady Center, the new Gabby Gifford consortium and Everytown for Gun Safety, we've identified the states where there is no common sense gun control, and currently NO LEGISLATIVE WILL TO CHANGE. To students who live in those states and may have no economic alternative to attending a local college, we say this;  "No doubt you're proud of the place you live, and you should be. But the gun violence epidemic in this country has taken too many lives, and things must change. You can be part of that change, by encouraging elected officials and familes and friends to think about some serious questions. Should teenagers be allowed to order AR-15s through the mail? Should people with a history of mental illness be allowed easy access to guns? If the answer to either of these questions is 'no,' we all have a lot of work to do!"

The National Rifle Association, which opposes all meaningful gun legislation, exerts a powerful, intimidating presence on lawmakers who oppose them. If the NRA is to be successfully resisted, the change must come from the real hope of our democracy: young people who see the problem with clear eyes and are not afraid to do something about it.  We were all inspired by the bravery of the students of Marjorie Stoneham Douglas High in the wake of the tragic shooting at their school almost a year ago. Let's honor them by rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it!