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Anatomy of Twitter

  • Tweets
  • Following
  • Followers
  • ReTweet
  • Direct Messages
  • HashTag

Types of Tweets

  • Insightful: A wise, mindful tweet. Can be motivational, inspirational, daily motto or piece of advice.
  • Introduction: A statement that either reveals more information about you or someone else on Twitter (i.e. @rrodrigo welcomes @ljballard to Twitter, an instructional technologist from Gateway CC continuing to explore new techs)
  • In-the-Moment: A form of life-streaming that timelines the events of your day, a play-by-play (i.e. “I’m at a Twitter workshop instructed by @rrodrigo”)
  • Inquisitive: Tweets that ask a question to the Twitterverse (i.e. “Does anyone know what time the Twitter workshop starts today?”)
  • Informational: the message is helpful in distributing knowledge to your audience (and can also include an outgoing link to direct people to further information) If you want to include a link to another website, shorten the link by using or tinyurl.
@befitt came up with these five types of tweets!


  • Share information and resources
  • Lite polls for information
  • "Listen" about self/profession/product
  • Respond/Reply to comments
  • Track "key terms" to find potential clients


Support Technologies/Applications

  • Friend or Follow (a tool to help you identify who you are following AND is also following you)
  • Mr. Tweet (a tool to help find more people to follow)
  • Social Oomph (a tool for setting up tweets for the future, managing multiple Twitter accounts, and tracking specific terms across all of the twitterverse)
  • TweetBeep (a tool to track who is saying what in the twitterverse)
  • HootSuite (a tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts)
  • TweetDeck (an application to download to manage multiple Twitter accounts and to view Twitter output in a variety of ways)
  • Twubs (managing hashtags)
  • Twistory (track Twitter backlog in a Calendar)
  • Twingr (make a microblogging community)
  • TweetCube (share files via Twitter)
  • GroupTweet (set up a listserv type twitter account)
  • Twitter Directories

Twitter in Plain English