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online auto repair quote
    auto repair
  • An auto mechanic (or car mechanic in British English and motor mechanic in Australian English) is a mechanic who specializes in automobile maintenance, repair, and sometimes modification.
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Auto Repair
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Auto Repair
Put the brakes on costly car bills.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Auto Repair Illustrated covers everything readers need to know about their automobiles, from the tires up. Tailor-made for true novices, it shows them how to make some of the most basic repairs themselves—and teaches them enough to feel confident that they’ll never be taken for a ride by a mechanic again.
• More than 300 easy-to-understand illustrations and a 50-page self-diagnosis guide organized for quick identification of what’s wrong
• New- and used-car warranty information
• Step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to conduct routine maintenance
• An overview of how each system—steering and suspension, cooling, electrical—works

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Logic DMS Quote Desking
Logic DMS Quote Desking
Dealership Management Software. Logic DMS is a software program that is used by dealers and repair centers in any industry. It is designed for single and multiple location enterprises. The package includes sales, parts and service components to manage these departments. Additionally, there are several features including document scanning, back office support, and security features. Certified QuickBooks integration sends accounting information to QuickBooks directly saving you time and eliminates data-entry errors. Dealership Web Sites. Logic DMS also integrates with Logic Dealer Web Sites providing a complete solution for your online and storefront businesses. Dealership Accounting Services. Now offering dealership accounting services for DMS customers that want professional and experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors to handle your accounting and save up to 70% rather than doing it yourself.
Auto Repair
Auto Repair
An auto repair shop in serious disrepair along Highway 160, heading towards Kayenta. I think I liked the rock formations here better than any I later saw in Monument Valley and the Valley of the Gods. It's an interesting question, how we decide what areas to protect and call one of the wonders of the world and what areas are left completely unmarked.

online auto repair quote
online auto repair quote
The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair (Motorbooks Workshop)
Whether from hailstorms, parking lots, or plain bad judgment, everybody needs to know how to repair automotive bodywork at some point during their car-owning years. The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair provides all the information you'll need to deal with any bumps, bangs, and bruises your car encounters. From tools to materials to techniques, this book takes the reader all the way through the process. Beginning with creating a strategy, then moving through disassembly, repair, reassembly, and preparing the surface for paint, author Dennis W. Parks shows how to repair damage from collisions, neglect, and rust.