Commercial Toilet Repair. Outboard Motors Repairs.

Commercial Toilet Repair

commercial toilet repair
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commercial toilet repair - Geberit 111.335.00.5
Geberit 111.335.00.5 Concealed Toilet Carrier Frame with UP320 Dual-Flush Tank
Geberit 111.335.00.5 Concealed Toilet Carrier Frame with UP320 Dual-Flush Tank
Duravit 111335005 Geberit In-Wall Tank and CarrierDuravit's sophisticated European bath fixtures offer world-class design features that can turn any bathroom into a bath suite. Duravit's German designed products are distinctive, award winning, and comply with the highest demands of shape, color and function.Duravit 111335005 Geberit In-Wall Tank and Carrier Features:; Concealed Tank & Carrier UP320 for wall-hung washdown toilets; For wall-hung washdown toilets; With medium inspection opening; Adjustable fixture heights from 15" to 19"; Duofix II Frame supports up to 880 lbs (400 kg); Compliant with all applicable product standardsDuravit 111335005 Geberit In-Wall Tank and Carrier Specifications:; ADA: No; Configuration: Tank Only; Gallons Per Flush: 1.6; Height: 47"; Length: 20"; Material: Polyethylene; Theme: Contemporary / Modern; Trip Lever Placement: Top; WaterSense Certified: Yes; Width: 4"

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plumbing contractor
plumbing contractor
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Plumber Woodbridge Ontario
Plumber Woodbridge Ontario
Mr. Rooter Plumbing 3650 Langstaff Rd, Suite 218, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9A8 (905) 264-0908 Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers 24/7 residential & commercial plumbing services for drains, faucets, toilets, pipes, well pumps, septic tanks & water heaters in York, Durham Region, Peterborough & Lindsay.

commercial toilet repair
commercial toilet repair
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