Paratech Rescue Equipment

paratech rescue equipment
    rescue equipment
  • equipment used to rescue passengers in case of emergency
  • Rescue refers to operations that usually involve the saving of life, or prevention of injury.
paratech rescue equipment - Conterra Tac-Pack
Conterra Tac-Pack Equipment Platform from Rescue Essentials
Conterra Tac-Pack Equipment Platform from Rescue Essentials
The Tac-Pack is the first of it's kind to meet the need of bike cops, bike medics, and SWAT team members. The pack is designed to be worn over body armor. It features a two liter hydration bladder, adjustable radio holster and a hydropillic mesh back. This pack has a unique articulating system that allows it to be attached to any standard pistol belt or Conterra fanny pack. The hydration hose is fully insulated with a bite valve "garage" to keep the pack looking professional. The Tac-pack sports a bellows cargo pocket with an extra long Velcro loop front for affixing patches or insignias. The pocket is big enough for first aid supplies and bike tools. When used with a remote mike and/ or ear bud, this pack will help improve the performance of law enforcement or medical professionals in any stressful environment. Constructed entirely from 1000D Cordura, lifetime guaranteed. COLOR: Black

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ferry rescue equipment
ferry rescue equipment
rescue buoy with sweet orange color and cool typing at local ferry in western norway.
Bangkok MRTA Rescue Equipment
Bangkok MRTA Rescue Equipment
Bangkok MRTA (Subway) rescue equipment at Thailand Cultural Centre Subway Station

paratech rescue equipment
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