Commercial Playground Equipment Parts

commercial playground equipment parts
    playground equipment
  • A playground or play area is a place with a specific design for children be able to play there. It may be indoors but is typically outdoors (where it may be called a tot lot in some regions. )
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commercial playground equipment parts - Highlander Deluxe
Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set with Slide
Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set with Slide
The Highlander is a beautiful addition to your home at a value price. Made of naturally decay- and insect-resistant cedar, the Highlander will provide years of enjoyment. Capable of accommodating up to nine children, this heavy duty swing set will be the center of fun for the entire neighborhood. The Highlander comes complete with a 10' slide, a rock climbing feature, new multilevel play areas, two heavy-duty belt swings, a deluxe ship's wheel glider, a four-person picnic table, and a detailed assembly manual. All wood is pre-cut, drilled, and stained and is ready for assembly
?Deluxe cedar fort with kid-friendly viewing walls to allow Mom to see all the action ?Deluxe four-person picnic table ?10' one-piece slide ?Exclusive new four-level play environment ?Zinc-coated, rust resistant hardware ?3 individual flat step ladders for little feet ?8 heavy-duty metal safety handles ?2 heavy-duty belt swings with adjustable kid-friendly chains ?4 heavy-duty commercial-grade swing hangers ?Heavy-duty swing beam plate and end support ?360-degree swiveling telescope (no magnification) ?Fun steering wheel ?Deluxe ship's wheel glider with multiple foot positions for growing children ?Premium 8'-high swing beam with 4" x 6"construction ?Two deluxe cedar roofs with sunburst sides ?Arched entry and exit points throughout entire fort ?Challenging 5' rock wall ?Bonus toy storage area ?Detailed assembly manual
Product Specifications: ?2 60" x 36 3/8" club house platforms ?1 60" x 32 3/8" club house platform ?Recommended for children ages 3-10 years ?Nine children, each no more than 150 lbs., can safely play on this equipment ?Maximum fall height: 90"
Assembled Size ?Ground dimensions: 14'9"W x 15'11"L x 12'10"H ?Safe play area required: 26'9"W x 33'7"L x 18'10"H

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Dawson Creek's Outdoor Fitness Park: A Playground with a Twist.
Dawson Creek's Outdoor Fitness Park:  A Playground with a Twist.
When you come to Dawson Creek, and need to loosen up from driving; park your rig, put on your walking shoes and go check out the outdoor fitness park located right beside the walking path in Kin Park across from the health unit. The unusual looking equipment is an outdoor version of what you would typically find in a commercial gym. Utilizing the user's weight for resistance instead of the traditional weight stacks, the machines and park were designed with seniors in mind although everyone is welcome to and does use them. Intrigued by the big yellow and grey machines, I went to check the park out one afternoon and was completely impressed by how sturdy, user friendly and safe they are. Each machine has a set of clear instructions displayed on it explaining how to use it properly. I personally liked the body twist and the air stride machines. Open from dawn to dust, the best part of the outdoor park is that it's completely free to use. You can get a map of downtown that will show you how to find both the walking path and the fitness park at the Visitors Center located in the N.A.R. Park.
Part of the railway between Cislita-Prut and Giurgiulesti
Part of the railway between Cislita-Prut and Giurgiulesti
Part of the railway between Cislita-Prut and Giurgiulesti

commercial playground equipment parts
commercial playground equipment parts
Child Works 0119360-BLACK Chained Plastic Tire Swing- Black Tire - Pt 05
Since 1984, CHILD WORKS has provided its customers with the finest playground parts and accessories for outdoor playsets across the world. Over time, our small garage has turned into an 80,000 square-foot building to supply our playground equipment. Our product line has expanded from S-Hooks and Bucket Seats to a complete line of Residential and Commercial Playground Parts and Accessories, including swingsets and play slides earning CHILD WORKS the distinction of carrying the most extensive product line in the industry. Now a division of Superior International Industries, Inc., we are continually researching and testing new ideas to deliver the finest, most innovative products available for outdoor play sets. Chained Plastic Tire Swing, Blue Tire. Combines Pt-02 And H-55 Plastisol Coated Chain, Assembled. Tire Measures 27-1/4" In Diameter.

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