Driver Compliance Information

Welcome to my website.

I am a Fleet Driver Trainer wanting to give drivers a place to find help for staying compliant in the trucking industry. In my 14 years of driving I have found a deficiency in continual driver training from trucking companies. I believe they promote safety and training until it cost them money which comes off the profit margin.

I believe that the driver is at a loss when it comes to integrating the regulations into their every day job. I also believe the trucking companies do not know how to train drivers to integrate the regulations into their everyday job. Many drivers have not seen or read the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, National Safety Code, Commercial Vehicle Safety Association (CVSA), or Federal Motor Carrier Administration. All of which create the rules and regulations for the commercial carrier and commercial driver.

It is not the fault of the driver. The education of new drivers is limited to the minimal driver requirement to obtain a commercial license. The carriers are required to only have two safety meetings a year as set out by the insurance companies. Monitoring of driver performance only happens at the point of impact ( accident or violation). Driver training is limited to a brief introduction of company policies.

It is no wonder why trucking companies have high turnovers and drivers feel so frustrated.

My answer is an experienced driver trained in the regulations. A person who can intemperate both sides of the fence.  Until companies are forced to create a regular training policy for their drivers, it is up to the driver to educate himself.

Where does the driver get his information from? Unfortunately the other driver going down the road is not the best source. The best source is from the source which is where we will get the information you need and do our best to simplify it for you.

Services Available

I am available to give driver safety and compliance training sessions to groups or individual drivers in the Niagara Area. All recipients will receive a reference manual to keep them up to speed with the regulations.  If you have any questions or inquiries please e-mail me at