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Zombie Burger Cooking Game

zombie burger cooking game
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Zombie Defense Platform1 V.1
Zombie Defense Platform1   V.1
As you can see, this platform it much larger than an average human, keeping them safe from danger of zombie attacks, and giving them a good vantage point of the hordes attacking them. EDIT 12-2-08: It's sole purpose is not to destroy zombies, yes it is advisable to eliminate as many as possible, but it is unnecessary to do so. This is a mobile fort. Say, your old base was overrun and you need a place to stay before a defined base is chosen, This mech is high enough that it'll survive the night with out being overrun. (Yes the large cannon on top is completely unnecessary, but I like it anyways)
Zombie Nosh.
Zombie Nosh.
FrightFest is an annual horror film festival held in London every summer. This year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event, the organisers put out a calendar showing iconic images from the history of the horror movie, all played by event-going regulars. I managed to bag myself the roles of Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and main player representing the zombie movie. Make Up by Me. Photo by Courtney Louise Howson.

zombie burger cooking game
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