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Iron Ore Mining Equipment

iron ore mining equipment
    mining equipment
  • Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually from an ore body, vein or (coal) seam. Materials recovered by mining include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, coal, diamonds, limestone, oil shale, rock salt and potash.
    iron ore
  • A rock or mineral from which iron can be profitably extracted
  • The primary raw material in the manufacture of steel.
  • Western Australian iron ore is one of Australia's biggest exports and contributes to the vigorous growth of steel industries in a number of countries, particularly Japan and China. Yet for much of the last century its export was banned by the Commonwealth Government.
  • an ore from which iron can be extracted
iron ore mining equipment - Historic Mining
Historic Mining & Blasting Industry Films DVD: Coal, Copper, Salt & Iron Ore Mines, Miners & Mining Equipment Videos
Historic Mining & Blasting Industry Films DVD: Coal, Copper, Salt & Iron Ore Mines, Miners & Mining Equipment Videos
This visually stunning compilation of historic mining films is the only such DVD available on the market. Each vintage film shows a different angle of the mining industry. Running time 84 minutes. TABLE OF CONTENTS: White Wonder (1958) - 28 minutes running time - This film takes a look at the extraction of salt and its many uses in our culture. Copper Mining and Smelting (1950s) - 11 minutes running time - Learn everything about copper mining and smelting while you gaze at the amazing bright-orange scenery. What a visually stunning film! South Dakota Saga (1940) - 31 minutes running time - A fascinating look at how ore is mined and brought to the surface. The best film for explaining how a mining company operates. Iron County: Iron Ore and Minnesota's Future (1952) - 22 minutes running time - A focused, localized look at how the iron ore industry should continue to spur economic development in Minnesota.

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China’s Mines and Rails: A Firsthand Account
China’s Mines and Rails: A Firsthand Account
Evan snapped a photo of a magnetic separator, which uses magnets to separate magnetite out of mined minerals. The equipment helps upgrade the unearthed material iron ore content from 15 percent grade to 65 percent grade.
Mining equipment - Cloudbreak
Mining equipment - Cloudbreak
Mobile conveyor system for mining iron ore at the Cloudbreak minesite, Pilbara region, Western Australia.

iron ore mining equipment
iron ore mining equipment
Minnesota Iron Mining History Film: Iron Country: Iron Ore and Minnesota's Future (1952)
This film uses the large crowd at the Minnesota state fair to show how many people are affected by Minnesota's iron ore mining industry. More than one quarter of a million people in Minnesota are directly or indirectly affected by the iron ore mining industry, which has a strong impact on Minnesota's economy development and its citizen's daily lives. The film details the concerns of average Minnesotans: for example, many worry that mining is governed by seasonality. But the film assures that stripping of waste materials to get down to ore deposits is done during cold winter months and the waste material above the deposits may be as high as a thirty story building. Another winter mining activity is repairing equipment. Underground mining is also a year round activity not affected by the seasons. A detailed examination of the iron ore mining process helps to make clear the factors of economic development that makes the iron ore mining and creation of iron ore pellets so important. Also included in the film is lots of footage of Hibbing Minnesota, where most of the mines are located. Hibbing was where Bob Dylan grew up, and is a touchstone American mining town. The film asserts that the mining industry in Minnesota has a bright future and has a strong presence. Conservation efforts are being made to preserve the high quality iron ore deposits. New technologies allow mining companies to use lower grade iron ore that was once thought to be of no value. Because of these advances and specializations, the iron ore mining industry will continue to have a positive influence for residents of Minnesota. This quaint film is a nifty piece of Minnesota history.

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