I'm pleased to announce that I have been chosen to be a Fender Certified Repair Technician.
This allows me to perform repairs and warranty service on Fender amplification and instruments.
Let me know if I can be of assistance with this manufacturer's products.


Never Forget

This year I lost another friend to cancer. From diagnosis to death was less than twenty days.
I'm determined to do whatever I can to fight this disease and I've begun what I'm calling the American Cancer Society Donation Project.

My first transaction was a cast-off Conn organ for which I received $250.00.
I'll be offering more ACSDP sales as they become available.
If you have an old or outmoded piece of equipment or instrument that you could commit to this cause, e-mail me with details. I offer to advertise and warehouse the item until it is sold, and handle the cash transfer to the American Cancer Society. Also, recyclable parts (amplifier chassis, transformers, dead speakers, etc. can yield between $.25 to $.75 per pound. These funds will also go to the project. You will receive a receipt from ACS with the details of your donation which may be used as a tax deductible transaction.

Updated 1/8/2016

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