In the summer of a current 2009 I informed the world-famous couple Fluke, that am going to spend the first weekend of September in Saltaire and to examine their unique collection. Pam & Phil responded warmly to me. They gave advice on how best to go to Saltaire from London to enjoy without embarrassment their attention and hospitality.

I was incredibly fortunate among the many masterpieces of the free-reeds to touch the famous asset of the Science Museum, London. Unique Bosanquet's Egnarmonic Harmonium I found still in Saltaire. Here, in 2006, fall, Pam and Phil after a long-term outlay of "blood, sweat and tears" returned to this complex acoustic instrument a possibility to demonstrate the miracle of vitality.

In a very compact case are combined seven conventional harmoniums of 4.5 octaves range. In the early 70's the 19 th century, this aggregate was tuned as a 53EDO system and each octave of its seven-row keyboard with many unison doubled tones counts in

84 keys.

I was allowed to try how works Bosanquet's Enharmonium  and to take it by camera. I give  these shoot results  (courtesy of the Science Museum, London).

Not dare to name themselves the keyboardist, but I assure you that anyone who has such honor, will master the basic wisdom of playing on Enharmonium for a couple of weeks. Fingering quite comfortable and in all known tonalities same. For the greatest possible preservation of the original parts the instrument is not to be made tuned. That is why the greatest gift of fate was a possibility to find on the keyboard a site, which almost 140 years keeps a not bad initial tuning. I tried to play scales and chords, with fixing by camera of phone.

From 1982 Pam and Phil gather a collection of free-reed instruments, mainly harmoniums. The collection is accessible for a general review in palace of culture Victoria Hall, Saltaire, England.

By own efforts of these remarkable connoisseurs of free-reeds, the set of practically perishing instruments are returned to life, and they again are pleasing mankind with their sounding.

Dear Pam and Phil, in glory of England and Yorkshir, I thank you for everything, by which I have enriched own project and inner life, during a staying under the canopy of your good-natured hospitality.

Mykhaylo Khramov, founder of project CommaTor.