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- Hitler Lauren off Alias season 3-Sil sig

- a number of screenshots off Alias season 4 episode 21 with the words edited on in speech bubbles ( it's the scene with 'Are we on comms') For people who do not watch Alias: Read the character bios at http://www.alias-tv.com/people.html to understand  this better.                P.S. This is recommended to be viewed by mature people.

- The members of Alias edited into SG1 (ignor the fact that Vaughn's head is a little streached)

-jaffa Weiss

                                                               -Sam Carter (Stargate Sg1) 

-That same picture again after Thor got to it!!!


-Shepard (Stargate Atlantis) v.s. ice troll off Fable: The Lost Chapters

- the Beckett-Rodney slash has begun!!!!!


-One of the janitor off [SCRUBS] evil get back plans off the episode 'My Intern's Eyes'- episode 1 of season 5.

- Scrubs ' My intern's eyes'..... JD goes Naruto , click to enlarge

-Schultz Hogans Heroes, basically he is an extremely dumb natzi, making him the most hilarious and most memorable (in my opinion) character in the show.

- King Arthur, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

- Naruto banner.

-inner Sakura

-a thousand years of death!




Not so cute now are they, huh!!! Now you all can see the evilness of cats!!! (Please note: I did not make this image or the Hoff mail)

- Have problems like the above? then you need Cat Busters, with Gregg and Heinrich off Conker!!! (click to view)

Link to Halo 3 ending  .....ROLFLOL!!!! (not made by me)  

and were would we be without good old Hoff mail?????

-Sil comic character sketches (click to enlarge, invert colours for greater definition of non-coloured pics)

p.s. ignor the art book spiral and stuff, I couldn't be bothered to get rid of it!!!  


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