The Andy Rooney Paragraph Assignment

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Andy Rooney wants you to know what's bugging him.

Here's a recap of the assignment. 

At the bottom of this page you will find a link which allows you to download an Andy Rooney rant called "Tilting at Windchills." It is single spaced, and has no paragraph breaks. 

  • Block the entire document, then change the paragraph formatting to double space with .5 in. indent for the beginning of each paragraph -- just as I showed you in class.
  • When it is properly formatted, go through the document and put paragraph breaks where you think they belong.
  • Add your name and date to the top of the document.

This is only worth 5 marks in total. You presently have 50% of your grade for the years. You can lose 2.5% by not double-spacing the document. At this point, no other marks will be deducted for other errors.

The other 2.5% you can earn by doing a good job putting in paragraph breaks. While there is no absolutely "correct" way to do this, there are definitely wrong ways, and some ways are better than others. 

Unless you show an almost perverse inability to create paragraphs, you will probably receive all 2.5 marks. Even if you're pretty bad, but show that you've tried, you'll get at least 1 earned mark.

Due: Next class.

Download "Tilting at Windchills."