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Friday class (B303)

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Using Quotations 

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Using Quotations

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How to Present Quotations in Essays

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Using Quotations in your Essay 

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The Nanny State strikes again

Assignment for Friday class (B303)

Based on the introduction we began in class (which can be downloaded from the links below), move the essay to the next logical stage. This would mean looking at the evidence that the obesity crisis is, at least in part, caused by the change in definition. You may also want to show the reader other instances in which definitions have changed, and their effects on the statistics. 

Use the information you researched, as well as the research I've provided (which can be downloaded through the links below).

You're probably looking at about 300 words or so, but I couldn't say for sure. It certainly shouldn't be much less, but it may turn out to be significantly more. No more than 500 words, however, since we still have other elements to look at in the essay.

E-mail it to me before Friday:

In-class essay so far: Crisis? What Crisis?