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A Supplementary Guide to Professor Simpson's College English Class (COMM1007)

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Essay Writing 

PowerPoint Presentations

Integrated Writing

About Writing an Essay

Video Essays

Facts and Fakes on TV

5 Approaches to Writing About Anything (MS Word document)

Research, Thesis & Facts

Writing a Proposal 

Sample Essay from Proposal

Surveys, Statistics & Lies -- Oh My! (PollsSurveys2)

 Becoming Your Own Authority

Samples of my own

You can find quick essays I occasionally write to illustrate the idea of 1,000 word essays here.

Marking Scheme

The marking scheme for the research essay can be found here.



From George Brown: Learning Commons massive database

Using Quotations 

 From University College:
Using Quotations

From Seneca College:
How to Present Quotations in Essays

From San Jose State U.
Using Quotations in your Essay 

APA Formatting 

Official APA Home Page:
APA Style

From Bedford/St. Martin's:
Sample APA Essay

Guide to APA citation from electronic sources:
Electronic Media and URLs

In-text citation from electronic sources:
Citations in Text of Electronic Material

From OWL atPurdue:
APA Formatting and Style Guide:

From Georgia Southern University:
APA Style Crib Sheet

Automated APA Style

An online APA style generator for print and non-print sources:
Son of Citation Machine

Online citation maker from KnightCite:
KnightCite Citation Maker

Unable to find work because he'd failed his College English course, Simon suffered a nervous breakdown and spent his declining years  defacing large dictionaries in public libraries. 

What is an essay?

There is no such thing as a standard essay format. The word "essay" comes from the French word "essai" which simply means "attempt." An essay is an attempt to get across an idea or an emotion to an audience.

Essays come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. They can be found in the daily papers, in magazines, in academic journals, and in flyers handed out by activists at rallies. Sometimes essays attempt to put forth an argument; sometimes they are simply conveying a feeling.

We will also learn to integrate the APA style in our essays. APA style has little to do with the actual writing process, but much to do with the final product.

Seven Types of Bad Writing

I highly recommend this piece by Matthew Stibbe, writer in chief at Articulate Marketing, on the Seven Types of Bad Writing.   

Lynn Stratton's Article: Taught to Remove All Thought

I also highly recommend Lynn Stratton's article in which she rails against the Five Paragraph Essay called Taught to Remove All Thought.

About the Number of Items

Roy Peter Clark has written an interesting article on the effect that different number of items has on readers. "One may be the loneliest number, but two can be quite companionable, three a crowd, and four the Beatles. Each number has its special magic."

Read the full piece, Writing by the Numbers, from the Poynter Report. (It's a PDF file, so you'll need an Adobe Reader, which you probably have already.)