A Supplementary Guide to Professor Simpson's College English Class (COMM1007)

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 Not an ESL Course

COMM1007 (College English) is not an ESL course. Its purpose is to improve already existing English proficiency, not to teach the language from the ground up.

There are, however, various resources available to help those struggling with the language.

George Brown English Conversation Club

This is part of George Brown's Peer Tutoring program. The conversation clubs are facilitated by an English-speaker and give ESL students an opportunity to talk together in English under the supervision of an expert in the language. To sign up, go to room C503.

Toronto English as a Second Language Meetup Group

This group meets every month or so at a prearranged location to practice their English skills. To join, simpy go to the link above and sign up. It's free, and you will receive information on where the next meeting is to be held. Judging by the comments of its members, this is a very enjoyable group, and they seem to get a lot out of it.

 English, Baby

An online discussion between two people talking about anything from recent movies to the use of slang. You can read their dialogue as well as listen to it. There is a forum in which you can discuss any language problems you have, or ask questions about language useage, and a chat room to talk online with other people learning English. You have to join ─ but it's free. I'm a member, so you can also use it to contact me with any English questions.