Coven of the Midnight Leviathan is part of Clan of the Black Thorn Raven and a member of Black Forest Circle & Seminary. 

As a cancerian, I attempt to help students feel comfortable and at home throughout their search for meaning (despite how terrifying the picture to the left is).  In Coven of the Midnight Leviathan, we may be fierce in our protection of each other and our loyalty to our group, but we are kind, compassionate, honorable witches who always manage to have a good time when we get together.

Joining a coven is not just about seeking your own answers . . . even though that search should always propel your development. Solitaries also seek answers! What makes a coven successful is the mutual desire of all involved to seek their answers together and to look out for each other along the way. I started this coven with the sincere desire to help individuals to connect with other people who can both challenge and support them in a familial environment based on mutual understanding and respect.

My focus is on helping individuals to explore and express their unique connections to divinity through the use of a traditional degree system. We start with a foundation of Wiccan/Pagan spirituality, PA Dutch Pow-Wow, and the Black Forest lessons, but that is just the beginning. Students are encouraged to explore their interests, make connections, and to teach me along our journey together. 

I employ the structure of lecture, lessons and homework so that the seeker may measure their progress through a traditional degree system. I hope that each student will truly connect with the divine in the way that speaks most clearly to them, and that they will use what they have learned to reach out to the community, regardless of degree status. There are lessons and homework; there are Sabbats, feasts and fun; there are craft nights, drumming and songs; there are wiccanings, handfastings, and funerals; strangers become friends, and friends become family.

Through teaching and through example, my goal is to help the seeker discover and use his or her Goddess-given talents as ministers in service to not only the Hidden Children, but to the world-- in other words, to become ordained Wiccan clergy.

I am accepting applications from seekers wishing to study in a structured, but fun, program of learning and training. If any of this resonates with you please e-mail me concerning possible future COML membership and study. All serious inquiries will be answered. Adults only, please.

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Lord Blackwood
(Coven of the Midnight Leviathan)