The ComixWall ISG project was terminated in December 2009, yet the final version is still available at the following locations:
ComixWall ISG projesi Aralik 2009'da sonlandirilmistir, ama son surumune asagidaki linklerden hala ulasabilirsiniz:


Or alternatively at the following locations (
I am not related to this web site):
Veya asagidaki linklerden ulasabilirsiniz (bu web sitesiyle alakam yoktur):

Make sure the MD5 checksums are correct:
MD5 checksum'larinin dogru oldugundan emin olun:

MD5 (comixwall46_20091208_amd64.iso) = 09f1cbe02e2f4801b433ba9fab728903
MD5 (comixwall46_20091208_i386.iso) = 1b6514d23eecd4f15c571c83c99deba9

I receive requests to resurrect ComixWall, the following paper explains my opinion on the subject:
Making A Case For Or Against ComixWall In The Year 2016

In the mean time, you might be interested in the related projects of mine:
Bu arada, alakali baska projelerim ilginizi cekebilir:

You can contact me at the following address:
Bana asagidaki adresten ulasabilirsiniz: