The purpose of ComixWall was to advocate the use of OpenBSD. The ComixWall ISG project was terminated in December 2009. You might be interested in the related projects of mine:
ComixWall'un amaci OpenBSD'nin kullanimini desteklemekti. ComixWall ISG projesi Aralik 2009'da sonlandirilmistir. Alakali baska projelerim ilginizi cekebilir:

UTMFW is a UTM firewall running on OpenBSD. This is the new ComixWall.
SSLproxy is a transparent SSL/TLS proxy for decrypting and diverting network traffic to other programs, such as UTM services, for deep SSL inspection.
TestProxy is a tool for end-to-end testing of proxy servers.
PFFW is a packet filtering firewall running on OpenBSD.
PFRE is a packet filter rule editor for OpenBSD/pf.
SnortIPS is a passive IPS for Snort (and Suricata) IDS running on OpenBSD.
A4PFFW is an Android user interface for PFFW and UTMFW.
W4PFFW is a Windows WPF user interface for PFFW and UTMFW.

I receive requests to resurrect ComixWall. The following paper explains my opinion on the subject. The UTMFW project uses SSLproxy above to overcome the encryption issue mentioned in the paper:
However the final version of ComixWall is still available at the following links. Do not install these ComixWall versions on production systems, use UTMFW instead. This is for historical purposes only:
Ama ComixWall'un son surumune asagidaki linklerden hala ulasabilirsiniz. Bu ComixWall surumlerini gercek sistemler uzerine kurmayin, bunlarin yerine UTMFW'yu kullanin. Sadece tarihce amaciyla asagiya eklenmistir:


Make sure the MD5 checksums are correct:
MD5 checksum'larinin dogru oldugundan emin olun:

MD5 (comixwall46_20091208_amd64.iso) = 09f1cbe02e2f4801b433ba9fab728903
MD5 (comixwall46_20091208_i386.iso) = 1b6514d23eecd4f15c571c83c99deba9

My essay on the future of the world in 25 years from 1993, the National Winner and European Finalist in the Honeywell Futurist Competition, 1993. We are in 2018 now, and I have been waiting for 25 years to share it publicly (this is the original essay, no corrections, no updates whatsoever):

Towards Intellectual World by Soner Tari, the Honeywell Futurist Competition 1993

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