The purpose of ComixWall was to advocate the use of OpenBSD. The ComixWall ISG project was terminated in December 2009. You might be interested in the related projects of mine:
ComixWall'un amaci OpenBSD'nin kullanimini desteklemekti. ComixWall ISG projesi Aralik 2009'da sonlandirilmistir. Alakali baska projelerim ilginizi cekebilir:

UTMFW is a UTM firewall running on OpenBSD. Yes, this is the new ComixWall.
SSLproxy is a transparent SSL/TLS proxy for decrypting and diverting network traffic to other programs, such as UTM services, for deep SSL inspection.
PFFW is a pf firewall running on OpenBSD.
PFRE is a pf rule editor for OpenBSD.
A4PFFW is an Android user interface for PFFW.
W4PFFW is a Windows WPF user interface for PFFW.
SnortIPS is a passive IPS for Snort IDS running on OpenBSD.

I receive requests to resurrect ComixWall. The following paper explains my opinion on the subject. The UTMFW project uses the SSLproxy above to overcome the encryption issue mentioned in the paper:
However the final version of ComixWall is still available at the following locations:
Ama ComixWall'un son surumune asagidaki linklerden hala ulasabilirsiniz:


Make sure the MD5 checksums are correct:
MD5 checksum'larinin dogru oldugundan emin olun:

MD5 (comixwall46_20091208_amd64.iso) = 09f1cbe02e2f4801b433ba9fab728903
MD5 (comixwall46_20091208_i386.iso) = 1b6514d23eecd4f15c571c83c99deba9

You can contact me at the following address:
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