First of all, A hearty Welcome to all who are coming to Kiel. Welcome to the students who have got admission into the courses at the University of Kiel/ FH-Kiel, Medical courses at the Uni Klinikum, Doctors; Congratulations. This website provides a wide variety of information about Kiel and answers most of the questions in your minds. Apart from this, it also answers some questions with regard to the problems, that one may face during his/her course of stay in Kiel. A small information portrait about Kiel is at this linkWe are doing this by keeping the sole moto of helping new students. We do not take any responsibility for the content/mistakes in these pages. If you like the information, want to comment on it...please write a word in the guestbook, that motivates us a lot. Please leave your comments and suggestions in the Guest-book, so that we can correct the mistakes which will be of more help to the future generation students coming to Kiel, Germany.

This site is at present being maintained by Vasudev Kandade Rajan 
Email: vasudevkr(at)gmail.com

This site has been originally started by Venkata Sai Kiran Chakravadhanula based on his personal experience of staying in Kiel since Sep 21st 2003. Kiran thanks Frau. Ute Harres (Formerly working for Studentenwerk-Schleswig Holstein), Herr. Jan Bensien (International Office) and all his friends for their encouragement to carry out many of his activities to help the International students. Many Thanks to Prof. Dr. Franz Faupel not only for supporting my stay, but also helping me morally in all forms, till date in Kiel. Kiran also thanks the AStA-(during his period 2007-08 as Ausländerreferent). Kiran has learned lot of ways to help International Students.
It was in my heart to help a little because I was helped much :-)
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