Treat your patrons to a fun and informative
PowerPoint presentation on the history of a peculiarly American entertainment medium --
Starting with the editorial cartoons of Ben Franklin and Thomas Nast, speaker Bob Buethe takes you on a colorful roller coaster ride through the classic newspaper comic strips and superhero comic books of the twentieth century, all the way to the graphic novels and web comics that are popular today. This is a subject that will appeal to children and teens (who will discover the rich history behind the characters they love) as well as to their parents and grandparents (who will get reacquainted with many "old friends" they haven't seen in years).

The first Dick Tracy comic strip, October 4, 1931

The first Blondie comic strip, September 8, 1930

The first appearance of Popeye in the Thimble Theatre comic strip, January 17, 1929