Who needs this book ?

The ComicRack Manual is for 3 kinds of users. First, the ‘naive’ user who has never used the ComicRack software. Second, the ‘casual’ user who knows the basics of the program, but feels overwhelmed by the sheer number of features that ComicRack provides, and would like to master them at his own pace. Lastly, the ‘advanced’ user, who wishes to expand his knowledge of the different features that ComicRack has to offer.


  • 6th Edition (2013, July 18): The latest version, compatible with ComicRack build 0.9.171 and higher. This ends a gap of 2 years from the preceding edition. The manual is completely redesigned & edited. The manual now stands at 100 pages. The 'Tips & tricks manual' also gets incorporated into the main manual with this edition.
  • 5th Edition (2011, July 14): This was the most popular version, that also lasted the longest till date (2 years). This had a lot more eye-candy at a greatly reduced file size. The page count reached a staggering 179.
  • 4th Edition (2010, November 07): As many as 8 new builds of the ComicRack software increase the number of pages in the manual to 178, making it the most exhaustive edition yet. More than 17,000 downloads till date!
  • 3rd Edition (2010, June 27):While the 2nd edition was a radical change from the first one, the 3rd edition builds on the successful 2nd edition. 25 more pages added. It was quickly followed by a revised edition on July 04, 2010.
  • 2nd Edition (2010, June 08): A completely rewritten and restructured manual is released. The manual now has 25 new pages, a table of contents & an index.
  • 1st Edition (2010, April 28): The very first edition is released. A very simple, 100-page pdf that lays the foundation of what is yet to come.
What is the ComicRack Manual ?

The ComicRack Manual is the official companion to the ComicRack software. It is a complete training package designed as a full-color, step-by-step instructional book. This website is the complete online version of the latest 6th edition of the manual, that can be freely downloaded in its entirety from the ComicRack forum.

Book Organization

The ComicRack Manual has 12 chapters. Each chapter groups together a number of sections that have a common theme. All the chapters & their sections can be easily accessed from the left sidebar of this website. Here is a brief listing of the chapters, and their underlying themes:
  • Chapter 4, ‘Browser’, discusses the browser window in detail. You get to know about the library, folders and pages tabs, the sidebar, and the search browser.
  • Chapter 5, ‘Reader’, discusses the reader window in detail, including basic navigation, toolbars, and tab bars.
  • Chapter 6, ‘Configuring’, shows you how to setup ComicRack according to your taste, using the Preferences dialog, comic display settings, list layouts, and workspaces.
  • Chapter 7, ‘Managing’, helps you organize your eComic collection using metadata. The Info dialog and reading lists are described in detail.
  • Chapter 8, ‘Lists’, explains in detail how to organize eComics into custom lists and smart lists to suit a particular reading style or mood.
  • Chapter 9, ‘Scripts’, introduces you to a large number of add-ons for ComicRack to increase its functionality by automating various tasks.
  • Chapter 10, ‘Web Comics’, introduces you to the Web Comic format; creating, downloading and updating Web Comics using ComicRack is also explained.
  • Chapter 12, ‘Tips & Tricks’, provides information  on some advanced features, as well as gives solutions to some common queries often asked by many users.