Our Comfy Cat accommodations are designed for your cat's enjoyment, your peace of mind and our priorities of cleanliness and security.   
  • Total of eight indoor three story kitty condos.
  • Each condo has its own window and cat door to an outside private, enclosed balcony. 
  • Top floor lounging c/w cozy bed and indoor and outdoor viewing.
  • Main floor - feeding and play
  • Lower floor - getting down to business with the litter box and the cat door to the private balcony.
  • Cat TV with favourite squirrel and bird movies (not much plot but definitely feline award winners)
  • Enclosed veranda for playtime with the cat tree.  Cats are let out to play individually
  • Comfy chairs can be brought into the veranda for those wishing to visit, read a book and enjoy a warm cat lap. 
The Comfy Cat serves meals (in stainless steel bowls) and changes litter boxes, (we use wood pellets) at least once a day and more often as needed, with lots of time for pets and snuggles.  Late night comfort checks make sure everyone is happy and ready for bed.

We can provide our own quality cat food, however, we encourage you to bring your cat's favourite food to ensure feeding continuity. 
Each condo has a soft, comfy bed with additional floor blankets, but your cat might appreciate having their familiar bed or blanket.

Let us know your cat's particular needs for medical treatments and petting preferences.  

Does your kitty need a coif?  Nails a little long?  Our grooming associates will come to the Comfy Cat for the special touches.  2 weeks notice required for weekends. Drop off scruffy cat on Friday.  Pick up a sleek lion cut beauty on Monday. Call to arrange.  All kitties are individual spirits and we must respect their boundaries and willingness to participate.

We understand that each cat has its own character and needs, and we will try to accommodate all of them to the best of our abilities.

Interior 3 floor condo
Exterior adjoining private balcony
three story interior 'condos' with access to private outdoor balcony
Total of eight units