First Time Web Mail Login

Your SMC email account (WebMail) is automatically created when you are hired. Your SMC email account is:

·       your official school email account.

·       the means of communication from The Vice President of Academic Affairs, your Division Chair, Your Division Secretary, the SIS security team and others.

·       where you will be notified of deadlines, meetings, or problems.

·       It is the email address you should be giving to your students.


You can access your email account from the Web Mail system by entering the web address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your college and entering your MEMO username and password at the login window.


It is imperative that you check this email account regularly!


Log In to WebMail

Log on to Internet Explorer or any other browser. 

From the SMCC home page (

click on Resources for Faculty and Staff

Go to E-Mail Web Mail Access and Tools

 OR you can navigate directly to our e-mail homepage

Add this to Favorites under Links. (or bookmarks for other browsers)

 Select Secure WebMail 

The username for WebMail is