Using 'Review' in Word

When you need to edit and comment on a paper, you need to use the 'Review' tools in MS Word.
When you are reviewing a paper, first click on the Review tab.  
Open the drop down menu on the “Show Markup” tool. Be sure all of the items are checked.  
With all of these items checked, insertions and deletions will be shown in red,  
comment areas will be highlighted,  
formatting will automatically be noted,  
and your comments will appear in red on an added side pane.                
 In order to make a comment, which will appear on the side, simply select the words you want to change or comment on. Click New Comment, and a comment box will appear on the side pane. 

To delete and or insert words, highlight the word to be deleted, press the delete button and type in the word to be inserted. All text will be colored.


If you only want to insert text, just place your cursor where you want it placed and start typing. Text will be colored and underlined.


If there is more than one reviewer, all comments and changes will appear in another color.


When you use these reviewing tools, you can print the document and it will print with all of the markup, but the font size will appear smaller.


If you return the paper electronically, i.e. if you email it, and you want the student to incorporate these changes, he/she can do this by placing the cursor on the selected text and clicking the Accept button.

 If you just want your students to see the comments, then the last step is unnecessary.