Understanding and Using Zip Tools

     Archive . . .Compress. . . Zip. . .
        What is it all about? Why do I need to know about it? Why do I need to do it?
        ZIP is a data compression and archival format. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have
been compressed, to reduce their file size. Eventually, you will run across files that you need to unzip to use or you will find yourself needing to compress a file.

        You may want to compress files in order save space on your hard drive, to archive them, or to email large files.  NOTE: The Maricopa email system does NOT allow zipped files to be  transmitted. 

        An archive file is generally a file that contains other files. It's a bundle of files packaged together. If the files you are considering compressing are used infrequently, then they might be candidates for archiving.
 Windows XP can create and open .zip files.

Using Windows XP Compression 

Right click on the file or folder that you
want to zip.

In the pop up menu, select
Send To and then
Compressed (zipped) folder

The icon for your zipped file will look like a
file folder with a zipper

Unzip a file

Double click on the zip file and then double
click on the file icon to open it.
Right click on the zipped file, and select
Extract All. . .
The Extraction Wizard will open up.
Click on Next.
Select Next.
Click on Finish.

Zip Programs

You may prefer to use a separate compression utility application. There are several highly
recommended free (or inexpensive) programs available. You can find most of these programs at
Download.com. You may find these helpful on your home computer or to use with your personal

7-Zip (Windows/Linux, Free)

IZArc (Windows, Freeware)

IZArc is highly recommended by cnet as one of the best compression tools available.

PeaZip (Windows and Linux, Free)

PeaZip is a free and open-source archive manager. It is also available in a portable version, so you can load it on your thumb drive.

The Unarchiver (Mac OS X, Freeware)

The Unarchiver is the built-in default file compression utility for Mac OS X.

WinRAR (Windows, Shareware) $29 per license

WinRAR is a powerful file compression/decompression tool which supports a wide range
of formats.The advantages of using this tool are that it has a very high compression rate,
it allows for large files than ZIP files, and it allows you to span files.