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Incomplete Grades

How to Enter an Incomplete Grade

 In order to enter an Incomplete, you must first click on the Transcript Note tab. 
 Now your Grade Roster screen will look like this: 
 Click on the arrow for the drop down menu and select I 
 Click on the Note link. 
 On the next screen, click on the Incomplete Detail button.

This will take you to another screen, where you will enter your information

Enter the Lapse Deadline by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the month, day and year.



1)   This is the date when the grade will change automatically if nothing else is done. Give yourself time to grade the work.

District policy mandates a maximum limit of six months to complete the incomplete work.
 Enter the Lapse To Grade. This is the grade that will be entered if the work is NOT completed. 
 In the Comment box, list the work item(s) to be completed 
 Click OK to save this page. Click OK again on the next page to return to the Grade Roster 
 NOTE: When/If the student completes the work for this course, it is the instructor’s responsibility to submit a Change of Grade form to Registration & Records before the Lapse Deadline.