Customize Your Links in Internet Explorer

Do you have web sites you need to visit often? Would you like an easy-to-find shortcut, but don’t want everything on your desktop? You can put your favorite links in Internet Explorer’s standard toolbar.

Your Internet Explorer toolbars probably looks something like this:
 There are unused icons in the standard toolbar, a long address line and the links are hidden in the corner.

 Why not customize Internet Explorer to better meet your needs? 

Open Internet Explorer. From the Menu Bar, select View >  Toolbars > Lock  the Toolbars.


“Lock the Toolbars” is a toggle command.  Since the default setting is locked, selecting this command will UNLOCK the toolbars.        

 From the same menu, select Customize.

 This will open the Customize Toolbar dialog box.
 You can select those icons which you never use and remove them. (They can be restored whenever you wish.)  
 Move your cursor over the separator next to the word “Links”, click and hold your mouse button down while dragging your links up to the standard toolbar.  
 Now you have your links out where you can see them, but they are the default links set by Microsoft.
  Right click on each of the default links and select delete from the drop down menu.  
  Once you have deleted the links you don’t want, you are ready to start adding the links which you actually use.  
 Navigate to the web page you wish to save in Links, such as the HRMS page (where you can create an RPS).  
 Select Favorites > Add to Favorites.  
 In the Add Favorites dialog box, select Links and click on OK.  
The name of the web page will be added in the Links bar.  
 You may want to change the name to something you can more easily recognize.
 Right click on the new link and select Rename.
In the dialog box, type the name you want to give to your link and click on the OK button.  
The new name will appear on the Links bar.                       
 When you have finished adding all of your own links, don’t forget to lock the toolbars again.