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Mind Mapping Tools

Mind Mapping & Flowcharting Tools
Use mind mapping to spark your creativity! Use flowcharting to organize your project! These tools can help you to be more productive. If you like mind mapping and/or flowcharting, now there are some excellent, FREE, online tools. You can work on your own, collaborate, or share with the world—or your portion of it.
Mind Mapping
 Start anywhere, change or rearrange anything at any time with bubble.us, an easy to use mind mapping tool on the Internet. Save and share, keep private and print, re-visit and revise. This tool will help you organize your thought or projects, s prioritize objective or steps. Free, easy and useful.
MINDOMO allows you seven free private maps, unlimited public maps, unlimited topics in maps. You can add weblinks, text, video, and symbols. This is a very versatile tool, which allows you to create and publish an extremely rich site. There are quite a few public maps on here worth checking out such as “Teaching the Latest”.
Mind42 allows you to create your own mind maps or to collaborate with those you choose to work with. You can also add images and links.
Text2MindMap converts outlined text to a mind map.





An online diagramming software that helps you to create, flowcharts, diagrams, technical drawings and floor plans. Gliffy Basic offers a one month free trial.



Flowchart.com comes with templates which you can load and then personalize. This site is free while it is in beta version.
Draw Anywhere



Create any type of diagram with this easy to use online program. Drag and drop objects to produce flowcharts, process diagrams, organizational charts, floorplans and more. Export your diagram as an image file (jpg, png etc) or a pdf file. The downside is you only get a month free.

Karen Gurney,
Feb 11, 2010, 11:16 AM