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Acknowledgment and Disclosure

The Acknowledgment and Disclosure form must be completed each year at the beginning of the fall semester by every faculty and staff member. These have been consolidated and made simpler.
 To complete the required acknowledgements &  disclosures, navigate to http://www.maricopa.edu/disclosure/  
 The annual acknowledgments are the only one(s) most faculty and staff need to complete.  
The semester acknowledgments are now the exception:


There is an Instructor declaration, to be completed only in case of a possible enrollment irregularity.


There is an employee declaration to be completed only if you are taking a course using a Tuition Waver.

 To complete the acknowledgments & disclosures, select the appropriate box and click on it.  

 This will take you to the SharePoint login.


Your User name is your  MEID:


Your password is your email account password.

 The Acknowledgment and Disclosure form consists of several questions. After you have entered your response to the question, click the NEXT button to continue.  

After all of the questions have been

completed, you will see the option to click


Important: Your response will not be

complete or accepted until you click

       the FINISH button. 
Once you have finished the first of these,

you will be taken to a page like this.


To continue completing the acknowledgments

and disclosures, select the next item from

the left hand navigation pane.

 In the center bar, click on “Respond to this Survey”.  

You will be able to see the verification for the items you have completed after 48 hours.


In order to check on these, you will need to log in to HRMS


Then go to Self Service>>Learning and Development>>Training Summary

And scroll down until you see Other Professional Training. Click on Maricopa Tracking.

This will bring up the list of items you have completed.