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Download and Install

Download and Install Respondus (with Current Installation Password)

In conjunction with other MCCD colleges, we have a campus-wide site license for Respondus. You can load a copy to your home computer as well as your SMCC computer.

1.  You can obtain a copy of Respondus by downloading it from


2.  From this page, click on the “CLICK HERE” line.

3.  Enter the Username and Password  in the log in box.

Username:   responding

Password: A7mariTest

The next page will provide the link to download Respondus and StudyMate.


4.  Click the Blackboard compatible Respondus version download link.


5.  When prompted to Save or Run, click on Run.

Respondus 4.0 will download and install. Once the installation process is complete, you will see a Respondus shortcut icon on your desktop.

6. Double-click it to start the Respondus installation program.


7.  During the installation process, you will be asked to enter the name of the institution, the local support contact, and the installation password. The information must be entered EXACTLY as follows: 

(Copy and paste)

          Institution Name:   Maricopa Community Colleges

          Local Support Contact: Sam Fraulino (sam.fraulino@pvmail.maricopa.edu)

          Installation Password:   ZB128385812-723113063

You will now be asked to select a CMS “Personality”. Select Blackboard 6.3 – 9x

Double click on the Respondus shortcut to open the program.