How to explain CommentG to your boss

 format bring a platform that reduces web home page costs in over 70%

People in every department can create, update an manage a  department “knowledge base” via web pages

That is right!   With this example I will show you that you can in a few moments !


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CommentG format allows people to learn how to do a web page in 5 minutes or less

Self-maintain department web home page reduces operational costs 


Video proof here :


CommentG format can be easy added to your current web page to eventually transition the hole site

CommentG format can be easily escalate to branches to create a meeting place for the whole organization


Your Organization  main home page





Other branches main home pageOther branches main home page
Other branches main home page
Other branches main home page









CommentG format a little more in detail:


Branch  main home page





Department 1
Department 2  Department 3  Department 4







Every department has a standard home editable menu like this:


Branch  main home page


Subject 1


Subject 2


Subject 3


People in this department

   Name, Title position, expertise on, how can I help, personal comments


Manuals and Procedures


Comments on:


   Games and hobbies

   Movies ,Music ,TV, etc



By year

Subject 1

Subject 2

Subject 3


Site map




Now with CommentG format:


Managers and team leaders can easily change, updated the department  web page  according to requirements

Training becomes much effective as manuals and procedures are couple with “case study experience” from experts


Every item on the menu can be edited and  used to create a collective knowledge base

Branch home page costs are down significantly as the very same personnel “daily experts” can update the “knowledge base”


Personnel efficiency and effectiveness increases significantly as former employees

are able to easily share via web  the experience and knowledge gained from years hands on expertise


CommentG brings a format that is simple yet efficient and effective to connect everybody to the collectives knowledge bases

CommentG offers a new way that reduces operations costs and improves productivity by the power of easily share knowledge and  ideas


The basic CommentG format  implementation in  your organization significantly reduces costs at the same time

that exponentially increases efficiency and  productivity through the easy share of knowledge via web pages  

CommentG offers an open format that promotes personal wellbeing through the feeling  of helping others  


CommentG format can be added to your current web home page at the main office level or at branch level

CommentG works directly with Google and its security and safety is top of the line best of the best

We recommend to accept Google latest on encryption platforms to actually increase security and safety for your information

There are many articles related to over 5 million companies working with Google in the USA alone



For example WU is implementing “Wu on Share” from CommentG to create an inter branch meeting place knowledge base

to increase calibration productivity and efficiency by the share of knowledge, experience and ideas of literally all employees

The CommentG format is making possible exponential international branch connections while actually reducing significantly

costs of operation with this implementation along.


Some initial  clients are : Western Union , INA Costa Rica, Peri Mercados,  Pali, Walmart, Catholic Church....

For example :

It is valid to mention that all managers shown the CommentG format so far want it to implement as soon as possible ! ☺

Partner with Western Union created the WU on Share section where people from diferent departments 

can enter their own department or check out other departments integrating the company as never before