CommentG for your business


                                              On every department of your business you got people:

YouTube Video


 Accounting Payroll  Human Resources Inventory Management Training Customer Service          Others



                                                 Management and team leaders can do web pages ! 
    Now people can create the internet they need a meeting place where different department can share knowledge


                   People from each department sharing, knowledge and information on a collective "knowledge base" 


All people with a very basic computer knowledge can be train in  "five" minutes or less how 
to do a web page with pictures, screenshots, video, PDFs, Spreadsheets, etc

You can have a single CommentG home page for your business or for each department  but ether way
you can have your CommentG  page open to the public 


You can make available meeting place for your customers to engage in your business doing web pages
for comments, recommendations, suggestions right from their phones easy and in minutes

Build invaluable business reputation that comes directly from  customers !! 

People can use your site as a meeting place increasing the traffic to your home page 

For example Mr. Ben owns a restaurant and he loves people recommending to friends
and family his restaurants so Mr. Ben have a  web site section where any one can 
come and "do a web page" . 

That is right do the "internet"  a web page with pictures, screenshots, video, etc...

Once a customer does a web page on his  Restaurant and shares the link !!! ☺☺☺

Mr. Ben the restaurant owner gives away french fries and drinks for sharing the 
link via Facebook, Twitter, whats up !! ☺☺☺

Every body is happy .          

Mr Ben gets his Restaurant talk about and promotes by customers to their friends and  family !!!


People loves to do web pages in minutes. While having a fun with friends   





           This  can be yours now!