Why CommentG.com vs Others

CommentG.com more in detail:

CommentG is a website that allows you to use the format used on this
very same page to let you use it according to your own needs. 

  • CommentG offers the power of internet web pages to anyone
  • CommentG allows to connect with people in places that you go to or care for
  • CommentG is easy to manage your privacy
  • CommentG web pages are great for a meeting place
  • CommentG web pages links are easy to share
  • CommentG is self maintain by using the simple format
  • CommentG pages can be created and use for school, work, fun anything
  • CommentG allows business to offer discounts to customers 

  •  CommentG.com  gives people the power to do internet web pages   

CommentG.com is the power to make web pages in an instant with photos, videos, screenshots

CommentG.com gives you the power to share your experiences, knowledge or comments
on the Internet and you can then send to all your friends and acquaintances for them
do the same thus a knowledge base shared collectively created

CG could be used as a tool for collective collaboration 
share knowledge, experiences or comments.

                                         The imagination is the limit ☺☺☺..


It includes photos, videos, screenshots, links, etc .....

CG makes you an expert is web pages with a few clicks !! 

Use your CommentG page home site :
        The office

        School, University


        Group of family and friends
        In your neighborhood or community

You can also use CG as file system:
Just scan your documents and sort by month and year
They could use this system to safely store because
It works directly with storage servers  

It is recommended to use this format to be in order:

1- When you create a page: Put the date first , Title it as short as possible, your name
2- Choose where in the menu on the left belongs your comment
3- Save it  button at  top right.

Edit, change , or delete anytime