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                                                  CommentG.com  home page is free and self maintain

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I'll send you the options and you choose the one for you

Normally with CommentG.com you reduce over 70% cost of operation in items like:
    • Website maintenance and programming
    • Security software and scalability to branches
    • Backup your important information and archives
    • Technical support and security for your "Business Home Page"
With  CommentG.com you reduce marketing and publicity cost of operation
    • You can offer discounts and benefits to people that do a "web page" on your home page
    • When people do a web page in your home page they can send the link to family and friends 
    • You can have an "open page" for people to do web pages with comments, suggestions, interactions
    • Invaluable publicity when a friend or relative recommends your business via link "web page" 
    • It was proven that over 80% of people want to show to family and friend a web page  they did for the "first time"
    • It was proven that over 90% of people will do something easy to do to get a discount or something for fee

With CommentG.com you increase productivity and efficiency
    • By giving the power of the internet / intranet to your employees
    • You can create a self updated  "collective data base" where all employees share knowledge
    • Easy  to promote interdepartmental meeting place and interaction
    • Training material and manuals can be updated by anyone via web pages
    • You can use "keywords" to search on manuals and procedures 
    • Many more advantages of having the power or the internet in your hands!

With CommentG.com you increase productivity and efficiency