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This is the power of the internet in your hand !!! gives you the power to make free web pages !!! 

We'll show you that you can in 3 steps or less . 

Once you make the first "internet" page  you will smile for the nice it looks
You can give it to friends and family so they can do it too 

We all know the power of the Internet but I'll show you some suggestions:  

   Create web page at work to share experience and knowledge creating a collective database that everyone can see and contribute


In the title :   Date  - Title or subject  -    Your name    

Following the suggested basic formatting you can easily archive by month or year. 

You can change and / or add to the menu on the left of this website right now
just follow these three steps the example! ☺


You want to comment on the game you like?

1- Click "+" on the top right 

Date Title Name
May 7, 2016 - Help with milking - Luis Perez

Choose where your page will be ordered ie m enu left

2-   Click above left to add photos, videos, screenshots, PDF files, etc ...


3- Finally top right click "save"        


Its title duck intermediately added to the left menu ☺☺☺

Video and / or instructions for 3 minutes or less
Visit these links :  ( new  3 minutes or less videos added soon ) 

For other languages click the "blue" translate tab ☺              

..........Now you can do the internet !

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