How to ? Do internet like a pro in 5 minutes or less

This are all the tools you need to move around like a pro on your site

..........simple stuff but effective    Now you can do the internet web pages too !

            • You know how to include pictures and youtube videos... Now
                                                    Use the "Archive Ready"  format  self maintenance   
                                                When create a "Sub Menu" use: 
                                                Date -    Sub-title -    Your name              

          • Create, modify, move  menu at the left hand side
          • Copy parts of web pages to collage in your web
          • Insert documents, PDFs

          • Insert links in your page to go to other page
          • Do videos and  save in to Youtube
          • Do clips, screen shots, snippet to your page

          • How to explain CommentG format to your boss
          • Archive pages or documents   

          • Order a new site for free
          • More pro  5 minutes or less tools for you  ....