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Science Technology anti gravity Fly car

Anti Gravity technology  

If you make a liquid mass move in a circular way
fast enough it will act as a contrasting or counterbalance gravity forces

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The ferrofluid is liquid that can be moved by electromagnetic forces

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Here is the idea  

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I am planing to buy a super magnet made in a shape of a donut with 
inner circule cap like a car gas tank to enter the ferrofluid in an amount
of about 4 gallons .
The ferrofluid will immediately start  rotating inside this contrasting gravity
the calculations of the magnet size, circular inner shape and quantity of  ferrofluid
will be on a test and learn kind of process..
Once this device is perfectionate can be installed inside almost any vehicle 
to make it "fly" . The perpetuity of the magnet forces makes it safer than 
using power sources