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Free   now you can do the internet ☺ put the power of the internet in your hands . 

CommentG home let  you  create  web pages In three easy steps . 

Anyone with  a very basic knowledge of Computers can do it !


Now I'll show you that you can!  with this  example

Dont forget to click Save and share the link ! ☺

                                   Don't forget to click    top right hand side and 


                        To get your CommentG page ☺
With CommentG you do the internet
Do you have something to say?
Do you have knowledge you want to share?
Do you have experience you want to give to others?

The best is that you can give the user and password to others 
so they can create web pages to engage and come along with you  

       Let me say that after the next 5 minutes you wont be the same

                Are you ready ? 

                     To do the internet  ?

For example lets say :

You want to comment on the game you like?                                         

Web page

Pictures say  1000s   words!!


Perfect  get ready to learn how to do web pages in 5 minutes or less. Grandma can do it too ☺

Web sites business associated with will have in their menu options :

Go to the business web site you want to do your web page and click on the site 
for example:

Click on the name of the site you want to do the page

If you click on      your web page will not be valid for the business promotion
                                                and will be deleted . Don't loose your inspiration web page  


            1- Now Click "+" on the top right    

                2- Enter  menu or submenu with this format:

            3- Choose location for your  Menu or submenu

           Here you choose where your "web page " will be on the left hand side menu

           You can move it later using the move tool :   

Now is the time to go ahead and click above on the left    

Intimidatingly after you click  create you will see your page ready to do

You can add photos, videos, screenshots, links to other sites PDF files, etc ...





3- Finally top right click "save"    


Your title is intermediately added to the left menu ☺☺☺

   Share the link to the webpage you created so family and friend can see it !!!  ☺    

                          NOW  you are doing the internet.


                             Now go back to the business home site you participation on


For more clips and  instructions   Click


       Share PDFs, files documents  etc.


For other languages click the "blue" translate tab ☺              


..........Now you can do the internet !